Using Promo Codes

Did you know you can place bets online on a range of archery betting markets such as the Olympics in 2016. By placing your bet online you will not only be able to get much better odds than actual local traditional bookmaker but you can also claim a range of free bets. Every casino and […]


Picture it – you are in a league match at the Club on a sunny afternoon. The visiting team are bragging about how they are going to win and you want your club to thrash them. You are shooting well and enjoying the feeling. All of sudden you throw a one! O.K. it happens. You […]


Even as beginners we know what it feels like to shoot a good shot. They stand out and you begin to know they are right. The next trick is to make all the shots feel that way, to make them all feel right, to make your shooting consistent. But how? One good method is to […]


CONCENTRATION PRACTICEIt is quite obvious that to improve in archery we need to practice and improve our power of concentration. But how can we do this? One good method is to find a comfy spot where you wont be disturbed. Breathe in deeply and as you exhale feel yourself sinking into the chair. Let all […]


What is all this mumbo-jumbo called visualisation? How does it work? What do you have to do? Does it help?I asked all these questions a couple of years ago, not believing in it at all. But I knew all the top archers were utilising this area of archery and it certainly seemed to be doing […]

on yer back

How many times have you been shooting and someone has said to you “it’s not on your back” or “put it on your back”. What do they mean? Simply that they are well meaning helpers that do not know what they mean or do not know how to communicate well. There is some valid reasoning […]


About the Club ┬áThe original Stortford Archery Club was formed in 1966, however in the early seventies it went into hibernation for a couple of years. In 1973 it took on a new lease of life and the present Club was formed. In 1975 it moved to grounds in the Herts and Essex Hospital but […]

Open National

2001 Record Status Open Nationals Results Sheet Thank you for your support, we sincerely hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you again next year. Special thanks go to our judges for the day, Clive Haywood and Maggie Pearce, who as usual do such a good job keeping is all in check and […]


News Instructions of how to print your Warped images – 22 November 2001 So that you can share your images with everyone else. Attach them to an email and send them to me to put on the web. Pages moved to new server – 14 November 2001 To improve the service we have moved our […]